Infrared and technologies related to remote controls.

  • Add a remote system that is free, through the receiver for remote RMT32, it's very simple. The receiver can be programmed with different types of firmware to meet your needs. More  
    • Operating modes:
    • Output to serial or USB asynchronous transmission of the code for the button pressed
    • Multipoint RS485, up to 32 receivers on the network can be polled to find the button pressed
    • Parallel output with the binary code of the key pressed, to drive up to 25 relays
    • Decoded parallel output to directly drive relays 8
    • With custom features specified
  • Drive a commercial equipment through a PC with an emulator of the remote that you can replace it today.
    • Our remote control emulator receives ASCII codes from PC (serial port RS232 or USB) and driver chip type NEOS8 a universal remote that can turn any business unit.
  • The protocol is RC5 infrared remote controls for a standard invented by Philips specifically for infrared remote controls.
  • You can ask for a feasibility study on a problem inherent in infrared remote controls


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